Mame Geeking

I installed MacMame on my OS X box last night. I haven’t played any Mame games in a while, but I just wanted to get it in place for if (when) I do. My nice joystick that I’ve had for a few years is ADB, so I could buy a USB->ADB adapter for $49 or I could buy this Mame joystick for $100. Nice, no? The advantage of that would be that I could use both sticks to play Robotron and Battlezone and other two stick games.

In and around messing with these issues, Darin point out a link to CmdrTaco of Slashdot fame’s standup Mame console. That is highly cool, but I don’t think I’m up to building one.

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5 thoughts on “Mame Geeking”

  1. I wish I had that joystick back in the intertrust days. I think there were some days where all I did was mame.

    Speaking of old jobs, about a two months ago I saw Levi Lebo at a thai restuarant and then a month after that at another thai place. I think I should give up my favorite food for fear of running into him again.

  2. That would have been cool. Don’t give up Thai just because of that dolt. Has he ever spoke to you or noticed you at any of these encounters?

  3. There is one guy that I can live without. Remember how mad he got at just normal work stuff, like things in the API changing? It ain’t personal, dude, it’s just how it goes. After 6 months of his crap we had so little to show for it! I’m glad I know people like him, because if they can be highly paid consultants and completely ineffectual, there is hope for me.

  4. my name is Levi Lebo. I just ran across this on a Google search. Who’d have known there was another with my same name. I live in Utah…..I thought it was funny.

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