Firebird test

This is my second day using Mozilla Firebird and so far, papa likes. It is noticeably faster on just doing simple browsing and page renders than mainline Mozilla, hasn’t had any problems, hasn’t crashed. I tried to think of some stress test pages, and nothing came to mind. I’ve just been using it for my daily browsing and quickly stopped noticing it. It was Just There, Just Worked and well. What I want to see is if this does or doesn’t have the resource leak problem of mainline Mozilla on Windows. If I leave it up and running, normal Mozilla eventually gets slow and not very responsive and needs to be restarted.

Next step will be to try it at home on the MacOS X box. I have tried Safari and liked it OK, but would actually prefer to stick with Mozilla across all the platforms I use if possible. I just don’t want to have to unlearn key stroke accelerators and things like that from machine to machine.

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