Palm Buys Handspring

Today it was announced that Palm will acquire Handspring. I’m a Handspring user who was happy with my B&W Visor Platinum, and replaced that with a color Visor Prism after I busted the first one. Frankly, I’ve been planning on going elsewhere after I wear this one out. The Springboard module is why I went with this line and when they dropped support for that in the Treo line, I was done. I’m still haunting closeout sales looking for cool discontinued modules. I’d be happy to get a GPS or an Audible Advisor if I could get them for $20. If I wasn’t already planning on moving away from Hanspring, this would matter more to me. I see in the article that they only have 2.9% of handheld market share. Didn’t that used to be more like 20%? I think the Treo fiasco did them in, a clear case of misunderstanding the value they brought to the table.

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