Blapp it is

The thing on the side of the weblog that points to the “hot topics” (ie, posts with a writeback in the last 7 days) I got from installing the module written by Fletcher Penney. I was looking at his site today and saw this icon that says “Powered by Blapp”. I was curious enough to follow the link to the Blapp project page and it turns out that this is a blosxom editor for Mac OS X! Oh yeah!

I’ve been playing with NetNewsWire for a few weeks now and I like it as an aggregator, but I’m not wild on it as a weblog editor. The editor is slow, it’s a pain in the ass to get the posts into the right topic, etc. Blapp, on the other hand, is made specifically to integrate will with blosxom. It knows that my root weblog directory contains a topic hierarcy, and allows me to browse. It gives a two paned editor – I’m typing in the top right now and watching the HTML render in the bottom as I do. When I”m ready to save, it gives me a dropdown of my categories so that I can save it in the right spot. It even gives a publish button to rsync the files out to my host and allows me to use a custom script (which I need since my host uses SSH 1). The docs say that you can drag and drop stories and URLs from NetNewsWire into the Blapp editor. I haven’t tried that, but just from initial farting around I believe I’m going to stop using the NetNewsWire editor, effective immediately.

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