Painting Sucks

This weekend, as was much of the previous week and the week before that, is devoted to painting around this house. I miss apartment dwelling, where other people come and do all the painting for you. After some ceiling tile repair, we find ourselves painting the ceilings in all four of our front rooms, as well as trim, tops of the walls, etc. It all sucks. I hate doing it. Right now, I am typing this as a procrastination maneuver between slathering Killz on some stuff and painting the trim. I really don’t want to do this, as this is the only oil based paint of the project. Cleaning up is bad enough with latex, washing it in the hose in the back yard. Using the mineral spirits is horrible. I cannot wait to be done with all of this and have my stuff in its proper places. On the upside, all the ceilings that have been painted (2 of the 4) look great and brighten up the rooms. Good god, I have one more weekend just like this ahead of me. Help!

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