How many more times?

OK, so I lied when I said I was done adding new modules here. Here is Yet Another Plugin. Down the right side of this blog at the bottom is a list of recently played songs out of my WinAmp. This is courtesy of the now_playing plugin as well as the DoSomething plugin to WinAmp. Kind of cool stuff. This is beginning to veer into the solipstistic and masturbatory, but was too cool to resist. I am a geek and I am week.

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3 thoughts on “How many more times?”

  1. I think that you meant “weak”? Also, I don’t see any songs listed in the blog, just the list of links…

  2. I noticed that this morning. When I did the rsync to publish last night, it also rsynced my old format over my new. That ain’t right. I altered my script to call rsync with the “–update” flag on so this doesn’t happen again. Good eyes, bro!

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