Here’s a very useful package (assuming, as I always have as my default assumption, that it performs as well as it sounds). It is called JUnitPerf. What it does is allows for performance based JUnit tasks. That is, you can have as a unit test that something can do a method X times in Y period and if that doesn’t happen, the unit test fails its assertion. This is wildly handy and can plug right into there as an enforcement of the spec. If the spec calls for 100 transactions a second and you make a change that means that no longer happens, you find out at unit test time, rather than having QA find it out. This is cheaper and better and all around more successful way to do business. I’m going to download this thing and add it to the repetoire.

In and around looking at the site that this lives on, I see that the Clarkware site is the classic model for the open source/consultancy mix. Mike Clark gives away these packages under the BSD license, but then you can also hire him as a consultant to work with this stuff, optimize your product, etc. Demonstrably, the boy got a lot of game so you can feel pretty good about hiring him. He gets a boost by having people use his stuff, because it is an elaborate business card for his real money making business. Everyone is a winner! He also has a weblog which is good reading and which I’ll be adding to my RSS aggregators.

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