Asylum from the storm

I liked Soul Asylum in the 80’s, when we used to play them at my college station. I also liked Grave Dancer’s Union, even though I liked all the songs that weren’t hits better than all the songs that were – I think “Somebody to Shove” is the best song on there. However, my favorite of all their albums is Let Your Dim Light Shine. I love all the songs, I love the lyrics and listening to it makes me happy. Some bits I really like, from “Crawl”:

I never felt better just crawling home
I’m gonna crawl home, crawl home alone
Good to see you, see you later, and I’m outta here
I’m just a crawl home from here

From “Promises Broken”:

Looking outside from my window sill
Throw another coin in the wishing well
You’ll never find what you’re looking for
Fifteen miles
Your dim light shines from so far away
Your sad smile
Is all I see when I say
That every little thing about this tells me
Nothing out there is ever gonna help me
All these words that I hear spoken
just promises broken now

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