Bulldog notions

Being a Yellowjacket and a Ragin’ Cajun myself, I could care less about the Bulldog nation. I do think it is funny that the non-renewal of Vince Dooley’s contract is stirring up such a furor. Let’s be honest here, folks. The basketball team had to pull out of the NCAA tournament because of academic fraud perpetrated by the head coach’s son. This happened on Dooley’s watch, and ultimately he’s responsible for this. The man isn’t being fired, his contract is not being renewed when it runs out. It doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me. Tonight on the local news they had a story about how Dooley supporters are putting up billboards against UGA president Michael Adams and running an anti-Adams petition. They admit on the news that they don’t expect any of this to have any effect. Imaging that, rabid UGA fans spending time, energy and money to pointlessly be assholes. Now all summer can be just like game day! Have at it, bulldogs. I plan on ignoring the furor, up until Thanksgiving, when GT kicks UGA’s asses in the yearly meeting.

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