Internet Micro Radio

I saw this report on Boing Boing about the combination of internet radio and microtransmitters to create a “virtual radio station” that transmitts via FM or AM. This notion had actually occurred to me recently as I thought about how WREK gives away tickets for shows in Athens and streams via MP3. “Hmm,” I says to myself “Self, what if somewhere in the middle of UGA’s campus they had a 1W transmitter hooked to an internet feed retransmitting our stream? We could even trade with WUOG and do the same for them here.” I think (much as it chagrins me to say) that UGA is ahead of Georgia Tech on the free and ubiquitous wifi. I think the campus and maybe all of downtown Athens has it. Thus these transmitters could be set up pretty easily, with cheap computers or even wireless net MP3 appliances getting the feed. A few hundred bucks apiece and someone willing to keep it plugged into their house or office and the project flies. I like the idea, but I ain’t coordinating any more efforts like this.

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