I love OS X

I was fooling around with the launchbar on my Mac OS X box, and I wanted some of the things gone and I wanted Mozilla and a few other things in the launch bar. I brought up the preferences and couldn’t see a way to specify what I wanted, the way one does for the Start menu on Windows. On a wild hair, I just dragged the Mozilla icon over the bar and let go. Blip, a little animated graphic zips in there and now it is there forever. Hmm, says I, I wonder if I can do the same to get rid of them? I grabbed the IE icon, pulled it away and out into the main part of the desktop, where it moved, and then vanished in a literal puff of smoke. I thought that was so spiffy that I deleted a bunch of stuff just to watch it. I’m developing faith in this OS that there is always an easy way to do things. Most of the time when I find there isn’t, I’m just overthinking. Years of Windows and having to constantly fight it to get ones work done ingrains bad habits. OS X enables better ones. Long live OS X!

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2 thoughts on “I love OS X”

  1. I have been falling in love with os x theese days too. Now working for gigacorp doing mac testing, has once again got me into the mac. I even plan on purchasing the new powerbook that should be released next week. Hopefully it will be the 970 G5 that smokesssssssssss.

  2. I love the OS X. I’m not going to buy any new powerbooks as I’m happy with this strategy of buying 2-3 year old machines for $300. Maybe I’ll get one of these powerbooks used off of an early adopter in 3 years. Darlene should get a new Powerbook when she starts her job, though. All her colleagues have them, with docking stations at their desks. Very nice! It will work with out wireless station out of the box, so all should be well.

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