Spanish Lessons

I made the decision to get a little more serious about learning Spanish. I had checked out a 4 CD language lesson set, which is good for some stuff. However, to challenge my listening comprehension with my very limited vocabularly, I have taken to watching short spurts of Mexican soap operas. Those are good, because you always have a lot of context. You can tell at a glance who is good, who is bad, and what is going on. This evening by accident I realized that if I turn on the closed captioning, I can read along! That makes it much easier to deal with, and facilitates looking up the words I don’t know (which is most of them.) I’m not under any illusions that I’m going to catch more than a fraction of anything. I’m going for immersion and then fighting my way to the surface. It’s much more fun this way than the rote tourist phrases on the tapes.

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