Max Cleland Steps Up

Some harsh words of criticism for the Bush regime from former Senator Max Cleland. I wish he was talking like this last fall when I was phone banking for him. I firmly believe he’d still be in office if he had. An excerpt:

What then is the Bush record in fighting the so-called war on terrorism? They have not found bin Laden. They have not found Saddam Hussein and as of yet there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. However, we have found two trailers. Is that why we fought the war? For two trailers? Did we send our sons and daughters to spill their blood in the desert over two trailers? We are spending over $100 billion bombing and then rebuilding Iraq while giving a tax cut to America’s wealthiest citizens and denying hard-working Americans making $26,000 a year or less a child tax credit in order to pay for it.

That’s the Bush record. It is not compassionate, and with this year’s budget deficit running over $400 billion — a record set by no other President, Republican or Democrat, it is certainly not conservative.

and another good bit:

Eliminate the silly and stupid color-coding in the country. Its real effect is to frighten everybody in the nation without telling them why they should be scared and putting an extra burden on already strained local law enforcement. This is exactly the kind of fear terrorists want to spread. We are doing their job for them! Does a sheepherder in Montana really care about whether the color-code threat level in this country is either orange or yellow? Additionally, get rid of the crazy emphasis on duct tape and plastic. That is about as effective in case of a terrorist attack as the “duck and cover” drills we used to perform in grammar school when I was a young boy. We were supposed to hide under our desk to protect ourselves from a thermonuclear war.

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