The First Day of the Rest of my Life

This is the first morning where I’m going to go into my job as a lame duck. Really, I have been for a while but it hasn’t been official. It’s funny that I have a dentist appointment so I’ll be in a little late on this first day. Maybe everyone will assume I’m really at a job interview. The reactions of the people that found out yesterday were exactly in keeping with characters, as to who wanted to know why and who didn’t care and who seemed relieved to see me go. I guess I’m a polarizing kind of guy. Some people really love me and some really hate me. Interestingly enough, during our daily status meeting yesterday when my boss was giving me shit about something, several of the other developers leaped to my defense and then came later saying that they didn’t really know the issues involved but they assumed I knew what was up and supported me. Isn’t that how the boss is supposed to feel? This is pure nonsense out of Peopleware and further supports my feeling that I must be going. I will step on the gas and wipe that tear away, because one sweet dream came true yesterday.

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