Plastic Jesus

This morning I finished the copy of Poppy Z. Brite’s Plastic Jesus I got from Fictionwise. I liked the story quite a bit. I’d put it in the top third of Poppy’s work that I’ve read. Not quite Lost Souls or “Calcutta, Lord of Nerves” but still very strong. As a fellow Beatles freak, I got some of the same thrill from reading it that I got from watching Velvet Goldmine, playing the scavenger hunt game of recognizing the real life referent for the fictional bits. I’m a little behind of reading Poppy, still needing to read Lazarus Heart and The Value of X. It took me a really long time to get to Exquisite Corpse, which I enjoyed more than I expected to. Since reading Poppy’s work in preparation for my very first episode of Reality Break, I’ve been a fan of hers. Wow, that was more than ten years ago! Jesus Christ, we are passengers on a runaway train. It feels more like 3 months.

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