Blagg and blogg

I was looking around at Blagg, which appears to be pretty easy to set up to be used as an aggregator. I’m not sure I completely understand it, though. I guess that if I wanted to include excerpts or titles of articles from my aggregated blogs, then I’d use it or set it up on a cron job to run.

That started a wag that had me looking around at stuff including the blosxom implementation of Necho, an instantion/prototype of the Echo Project. This is an attempt to consolidate and make open the kind of sharing that RSS does, with a common set of APIs and formats supported by all the blogging tools. What got me rolling was looking around and seeing if there was anything that would allow blosxom to accept posts via the Blogger API. There appears to not be such a thing already. I might try writing one. I think it would have to be a standalone CGI rather than a plugin that just writes files to the same data directories as the blosxom.cgi.

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