Shockwaves and Ripples

I’m going tread carefully here, becuase I’m unsure of how much of this to discuss publicly. It appears my resignation may not stick. As it turns out, several of the individuals who most made me miserable have parted ways with the company and I have been asked not to part ways with the company. I’ve spent the long weekend thinking about it in that zen way, considering without explicitly considering. I am going to go in tomorrow with my negotiating hat on, willing to stay on longer if certain conditions are met. I do believe there is a clear and true win-win path here (as opposed to the corruption of the term most people use, where “win-win” means “I win”) where everyone gets more than they would have on our current path. We’ll see how amenable everyone is to my demands (which are not really hard to meet or expensive, they just require flexibility) and how amenable I am to theirs (which are basically “don’t quit, work longer.”) Interesting times, but ones with more hope than a few days ago.

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