McDonalds will be putting wifi in some stores. The BoingBoing article includes a consultant questioning whether the McDemographic overlaps with the wifi road warriors as well as with those of Starbucks customers. I can tell you that I’d use it, particularly if it was free with purchase (which seems quite reasonable to me.) I’ve always enjoyed doing work in restaurants and bars. In grad school, I would do a lot of my studying in buffet restaurants or at the very least, ones with free refills on the beverages. Access to beverages, food, and wifi. Sounds good to me.

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  1. jonny says:

    I read about this in the new york times and they showed a guy sitting there with his laptop. It said “A customer at the McDonald’s in Times Square takes advantage of the Wi-Fi capabilities there with a laptop that uses Intel’s Centrino chip.” The laptop that it shows is an Apple Ibook opened up to intels homepage.

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