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The Mark Time awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy/Horror audio productions have been announced, with a list of winners, current and past, online. The winner of the SF branch this year was a production called Anne Manx and the Trouble on Chromius, produced by The Radio Repertory Company of America. It is described in the blurb as “A fast-moving 2 hour action adventure with Anne Manx, played by Claudia Christian, as a future detective.” It sounds interesting.

I see from the list of former winners that Atlanta Radio Theater Company has won several times in the past. I’ve been thinking about them lately, partly because the Barnes and Noble I’ve been hanging out at is the one the late Thomas Fuller worked at, and because I’ve ran across former ARTC leader Mickey Desai several times lately. I sure do love a good radio drama.

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  1. Check out STRAWBERRY AUTOMATIC the audio drama on CD. It won THE HONORABLE MENTION award from MARK TIME BEST SCIENCE FICTION AUDIO PRODUCTION for 2006. If you’d like a copy please provide your mailing address and I’ll ship you out review copies.Thanks!It’s produced by APEX AUDIOTHEATRE.COM

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