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My friend Jonny X (of Groadies fame) posts about his trip to a Chuck Palahniuk book signing. Via IM he also sent me a link to a photo from this event. What he left out of the post but told me in IM is that Palahniuk handed out WWF masks to the audience, and would only accept questions from people wearing the masks. I’d have gladly gone if I’d been in town. I really enjoyed both the film and novel of Fight Club and have been meaning to read some of his other books.

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  1. went and saw him again last night. As jackie and I were leaving some lady grabbed us for an interview for Entertainment Weekley hopefully a tidbit of what we talked about will be in there. At the reading I had an advance reader copy of the new book Diary. I was up getting it signed and the kid behind me said, “I thought that wasnt out yet”, I said “yeah I got it on ebay for 600 bucks” and chuck was like woah. I then informed him i was kidding but he signed the book “You got ripped off – Chuck Palahniuk. Here is a picturefrom that event.
    I suggest reading survivor it is my personal favorite. I could mail you a copy to read.

  2. I’d like to find an electronic copy of Survivor. I’ll put that to the top of the list, although Choke also sounds good. I liked the novel of Fight Club enough that I plan to read all his books eventually. If only I were unemployed, I’d have more time for it!

  3. jackie and I went to see Chuck Palahniuk read again, this time at the Barnes n Nobles at Jantzen Beach. It was a little more formal then the other readings we had been to.

    There were quite a few dumb questions about fight club, this one woman asked if brad pitt and that other guy and helen bonham carter were all the same person. He seemed kind of surprised that someone would think that and said “no just the two males were the same character, he wasn’t fucking himself…that is a different story”. The way he said it was funny and im sure shocked the old lady, since he used the Fuck word.

    He went on to talk about where in portland he got his inspiration for some of his books and that was very interesting.

  4. I looked an and they have choke in msoft reader and acrobat reader. I dont thin you use either of thoose formats and they both seem more spendy then the actual book, weird. i wish he had another reading I would like to be a nerd and ask about what he thinks of ebooks or digital forms of his own books

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