Bayesian classifier for NNTP//RSS

It looks like this isn’t quite ready for other people to use it, but here is a dude who has taken his Java Bayesian classifier and integrated it with nntp//rss. This looks cool to me. We are slowly approaching the holy grail – completely automated systems that can find the information you want and classify it for you, sparing you the effort of seeking it out. I hope this goes somewhere, as I’d love to play with it. Must explore Classifier4J now.

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2 thoughts on “Bayesian classifier for NNTP//RSS”

  1. Nick, cool to get a writeback from you! I’m glad you found something of use in the weblog, too.

    I will join the list. I’m very interested in getting towards a Grand Unified Bayesian system, where my POPFile, nntp//rss, and other classifiers that I already have are using shared training sets, etc. I feel like we are so close to a general information appliance/majordomo/robot agent that can scan data streams and find cool stuff. I worked on a crude version of this in grad school 7 years ago, and I still want to have it.

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