Lives of Cats

From the fertile imagination of Jonny X comes his first ever crack at Flash animation, a simulation of his cat. It was immediately decided in my office that this is a pretty good representation of most cats we have known.

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3 thoughts on “Lives of Cats”

  1. there is still a big hairball at the bottom of my stairs i think its been there for two weeks, roommates getting upset.

  2. here is another cat thing…My cats are both fixed. Last month the vancouver humane society got like 90 animals dropped off in one day. They had to destroy a lot of animals to get thoose ones to fit. I want to get a new cat when I find a house to move into. Here is a cute video from meowtv. Look at the very last frame that is supposed to be black you can see a lady sitting there, I wonder if that was a mistake

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