Grace be unto you

For her birthday, I got my wife a painting of our dog Gracie, as done by Michelle Abeyta. I blogged about first seeing her paintings, and I went ahead and commissioned it. I love the way it turned out. If you hurry to the page, as of this writing the painting of Gracie is up on the front page. I love the stylized folk art look of her work, and she was nice enough to drive the painting out to where I work (!!), rather than me driving to Decatur to pick it up. I’ll bet for those of you outside Atlanta who like this sort of stuff, she’d even ship it out. Hint hint.

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2 thoughts on “Grace be unto you”

  1. wow i really like that painting I want one done of my cat. I actually eemailed her and asked her if she knows anyone that does a similar style but for cats…or maybe she will do cats too:)

  2. Just to make it official: Michelle does indeed paint cats. She has mostly dogs on her site because that’s what people commission, but she does cats and would like to do more so people don’t think she is a dog specialist.

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