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Also on Usenet, I saw a post about live audio drama performances at Hofstra University. While the post and that link share common press release ancestry, the post had some information that link does not.

Featured cast members include Broadway’s Barbara (The Secret Garden)
Rosenblat. Ms. Rosenblat is a three-time recipient of the “Female Narrator of the Year” award from the Audio Book Publishers Association. Noted National Public Radio news anchor Frank Stasio, and Chicago actress Marssie Mencotti will also perform. Ms. Mencotti is the 2003 nominee for Chicago’s Jeff Citation, Best Supporting Actress. Each performance will also feature the voice of Alan Kalter, acclaimed announcer from The Late Show with David Letterman.

George Zarr was recently the Manager of Talk Programming for Sirius Satellite Radio and is the author and director of dozens of scripts heard on the SCI FI Channel’s “Seeing Ear Theatre.” Zarr has composed an original score for “The Odyssey of Runyon Jones.” Tom Curley is the director of CBS Television’s Marketwatch.

I think it is cool that folks with relatively high powered day jobs are doing this radio drama for love. I think there is some sort of Sue Zizza connection, since Radio Works came out of Hofstra and was similar stuff.

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