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Absolutely spur of the moment and spontaneously, I decided to register a new domain for this weblog, . The was originally arrived at when I had some projects I wanted to pursue of a commercial nature (and I still do.) However, the majority of the action the domain gets now is the weblog. When I was with Hurricane Electric, that would have been fairly expensive to do. Now that I’m with Rackshack and already have multiple domains on the same box, it’s trivial. So, $9 with Go Daddy and I have the name. After it propagates around a little, I’ll set up the new host and some redirects that convert the old URLs to the new. It’s pretty impulsive for me, but it makes sense. Also, since I want to go to permanent hired-gun contractor status, I can put some of that stuff on the old domain and make it all business, while the new domain is all free time.

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