Dean for America

Today we donated $50 to Howard Dean’s campaign. They have a challenge this weekend to match the same amount that Cheney is raising at some function tomorrow. That’s a pretty smart strategy, to tie these things to specific goals. Here’s what I like about Dean, he sounds as angry and outraged as I am. This is a time of severe bullshit, and I’m pissed off about it. Listen to incumbents like Lieberman, Gephardt or Kerry talk about the current administration, and they sound like they are trying to plant a big wet kiss on George Bush’s ass. Dean sounds mad about the current sad state of affairs, and isn’t afraid to go on record with it.

The other thing that makes me feel good about the Dean campaign is that if the campaign understands how to use technology and is doing smart, innovative things to come from nowhere to a contender, then I have hope that a Dean administration would do smart, innovative things.

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