Batman fanflick

Via BoingBoing comes a link to a Qucktime movie (43 Mb) of Batman produced by some pro filmmakers trying to gain exposure. I was a little quizzical when I saw the credits at the end. I’ve seen full length features with shorter credits. It was kind of enjoyable and does show the nascent talent of the filmmakers. Some of the moody shots of Batman in the rain were fabulous, particularly the high shots of him with the cape spread out. However, the fact that the parts with dialogue thudded while the mindless action was really cool suggests bad things. Hell, that might actually make them more employable nowadays. My favorite tiny touch was the way Batman spits after getting really socked in the face. I dunno if the actor did that instinctively or if that was directorial, but it added just enough verisimilitude to sell me the absurdity of the film. My question now is, considering the pretty high production value of the film, what was the budget on this?

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