Episcopals divided about gay bishop

Here is a BBC article about the rift in the Episcopal church over homosexual bishops. Elsewhere in the article, it includes this quote from the president of the US:

Responding to a question from journalists, Mr Bush said it was important to “respect each individual” but that did not mean he needed to “compromise on an issue like marriage”.

“I think we ought to codify [marriage between a man and a woman] and we’ve got lawyers looking at the best way to do that,” he said.

This is exactly what I was just talking about the other day. For people that consider marriage an issue that we do not compromise on, they should really be worked up about these stupid TV shows that marry dumb people off to other dumb people that are rich, or not really rich, or not really people, or whose faces they have never seen or whatever dumbass wrinkle the next copycats put on it. I think these all cheapen the institution of marriage and yet no one talks about it.

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