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Via Electrolite comes this story about one of the soldiers recently killed in Iraq. His aunt is angry, and quoted thus:

“We have some issues with the fact that President Bush declared combat over on May 1. Combat is not over. We don’t even know who’s firing at us right now, and all of our soldiers are at great risk of being picked off as Jim was. And that’s a shame. And then President Bush made a comment a week ago, and he said, ‘bring it on.’ They brought it on and now my nephew is dead.”

Of all the things that have disgusted me about the US in Iraq in the last 4 months, nothing sickens more than seeing how obviously President Bush takes the lives of our soldiers lightly. After all, they’re just a bunch of reservists who can’t even have their dad buy their way out of serving! Let’s dress up in flight suits and go for a spin. Whee! Hey, bring it on (to them). It is all very horrible. Aren’t we now approaching the point where more soldiers have died since “hostilities have ended” than died during the war itself?

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