I’m in Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, being a dork by typing on my Handspring in the middle of a bar. Paul Melancon and band are setting up right now. I’ll be illicitly taping the show on my little cassette recorder, the first bootleg I’ve made in at least a decade. This is the last opportunity to see him with the band before we move to Chicago, so I thus take it. In Chicago, we’ll be his street team, I guess.

And now its the next morning. The show was good. It suffered slightly from what it always does, Paul’s neuroses and lack of self-confidence. I love the guy’s music, and when it comes to performances I can only offer a few words of well-worn advice: “Less talk, more rock!” The long gaps between songs should go away, and they should rehearse running a few songs together with no space between. That sucks the energy from his shows, which everyone is into because the music is so good.

I really love this guy’s music, and I’m renewing an offer I have made before. Anyone reading this, please go buy his CD. There are song links to RA and MP3 of two songs, “King Sham” and “Jeff Lynne”. If you like them, you will find Camera Obscura well worth your $12 +SH. If you don’t, send the CD to me and I will reimburse you for all your costs, the original purchase, mailing it to me, whatever. I am that committed to it that I’m willing to offer people money-back guarantees on it. This album means more to me than almost any big label music I bought in 2002. It’s not the personal connection but sheer musicianship that makes me say that behind The Flaming Lips, this is my #2 favorite album of recent years.

Update: Paul is playing one more show with the band before going on hiatus and playing mostly solo for the time being. It will be at the Park Tavern, right by Piedmont Park on 10th Street in Atlanta. It is part of the Unplugged in the Park concert series. I think I’ll try to go to that one as well.

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