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Just yesterday I was lamenting that I was on my fifth RSS aggregator and that I was sick of trying a new one every week. Well, I tried a new one today and I do believe that it hands down kicks the ass of all previous comers. It is Feed on Feeds. In fact, I’ve heard nothing about this aggregator, ever. I only found it by noticing in my apache logs that someone aggregated this site with it. I downloaded it this afternoon, and after about 3 minutes of configuration, had it running on my Debian box at home. This is a server side aggregator which is PHP and MySQL based. Unlike desktop aggregators, I can share this across every computer in my house as well as hit it from work or even on the road. I have a huge problem with looking at Boing Boing or Electrolite in a browser and then reading it via any of the number of my desktop or palmtop aggregation systems. I keep reading the same things over and over again.

FOF allows me to share this across all, and via a little JavaScript bookmarklet has a button on my toolbar that allows me to add my current reading to my aggregation list. It even attempts autodiscovery of the RSS feed! Since when I’m on my Mac, I can weblog anything via the Services->Post to Blapp option and this makes the reading and managing of my blog reading easier, I do believe this is a winner. At least until next weeks aggregator comes along.

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