Sarcasm is Security Risk

Via Boing Boing comes this link to the story about the kid arrested for the note in his luggage. In the BB commentary is this:

And before anyone posts the inevitable, “But the kid showed poor judgement in putting that note in his luggage,” comment in the Discuss link, let me point out three things:

1. He is a kid; kids are supposed to have poor judgement — that’s why we don’t let them vote. If our national security depends on teenagers abstaining from foolishness, we are doomed.
2. The TSA screeners are adults. What’s more, they’re adults who are supposed to be professional risk-assessors. If the people who found that note couldn’t evaluate its risk any better than they did at Logan airport, we are doomed.
3. Look me in the screen and tell me that you haven’t had the exact same thought while having some blank-eyed bureaucrat rummaging through your dirty underwear. If that sentiment endangers aircrafts, we are doomed.

In fact, during our preparations to come home from Chicago, I did something similar. I moved all the dirty clothes to the very top, and put all the stinky underwear on top of the already stinky clothes. I urge all readers to do the same. Don’t bury the stink. If someone must be rooting through my stuff, they are going to experience the choicest nastiness I have to offer.

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