Cheap Trick

Band of the day! The original definition of my BOTD experiment was for non-major label bands that have downloadable digitual versions of their music available on their website. I have hedged here and there. Today’s band is one familiar to all, Cheap Trick! Whilst major label artists for most of the last 25+ years, their newest album is out on a non-RIAA label. In fact, I saw it in the non-RIAA top 100 list. On their website are some streaming versions and some non-complete songs. However, for their long out of print EP Found All The Parts , they have all of the songs as downloadable MP3s. Nice. The boys still have some life in them yet. The first time I saw them, it was at the Cinema and Drafthouse in Buckhead (what is now the Roxy.) They were playing to maybe 200 people (this was 1985, right before their comeback with “Tonight It’s You”) and they played a long time. They took requests from the audience including “You Must Be Dreaming” from the Heavy Metal soundtrack – someone shouted out that title from the crowd and Rick Neilsen responded “We haven’t played that in years so this is unrehearsed, but goddamn it, we wrote the song and we’ll play it for you!” That great evening has colored my perception of them for nearly 20 years now. Long may they rock.

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