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In the Daily Kos is this discussion about how he thinks that, contrary to the prevailing meme, that Dean is the most electable of the Democrat candidates. A snippet:

Case in point, while the rest of the Democratic field scratches its head, wondering how to slow Dean’s momentum (not realizing that every attack on Dean is good for thousands more MeetUp signups), Dean’s team has been bold, daring, even exhibiting a bit of chutzpah.

How else to explain the ad campaign the Dean campaign will run in Austin this week, mocking Bush as he vacations nearby? Texas isn’t a key primary state, and if it was, Dean couldn’t win it, could he? And even if he could win the state’s primary (and the nomination), he REALLY couldn’t compete in Texas in 2004, could he?

Nah, Texas is out of reach. But this ad buy goes beyond that. It cements Dean as the star of the field. He fires up the base (ads in Texas? I was giddy when I first read about it!). He earns globs of free press as news programs and the cable news networks talk and talk some more about the ad.

Here we have a Democrat who isn’t afraid of Bush. In fact, he’s eager to take the battle to Bush when most of the others offer nothing more than tepid press releases.

This is where I think Dean has it over Lieberman, Kerry, and Gephardt. As sitting members of Congress, they can’t or won’t say what needs to be said. Compare their tepid, wishy-washy statements about the administration with the pissed-off and in-your-face ones of Dean. I think there is a reason why 5 of the 6 last presidents were former governors – they are more free to say what they want than candidates whose day job is on Capitol Hill.

The Daily Kos goes into my RSS aggregator as of now. Somehow I missed moving over the Dean campaign blog, which oversight I just rectified.

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  1. It is too soon to know for sure, but I am glad Kos is challenging the CW that Dean is unelectable, because I think he is electable because he will expand the Democratic voting base and bring in new voters, and this will help the party at the presidential, congressional, and local level in 2004.

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