FeedOnFeeds it is

After a weekend of working with and using FeedOnFeeds, I have to say that I like it. Or at least, I like this form of organization. I’m not so sure about this product/project specifically. I keep seeing things that could be improved and that I’d like to be different. However, because it is GPL’d and because I have a potential future use for it that is incompatible with the terms of a GPL license, I might just throw this away and rebuild something with the same basic structure (server side web app that aggregates RSS) and add in the things that this is missing like the notion of more than one user. Wouldn’t it be nice for everyone in the same household to be able to use this, and not refetch RSS feeds that more than one person is reading? That isn’t in FeedOnFeeds, as there is the assumption of a single user. There is nothing to map a user to a subscription, since by definition everything here is for the one and only user. If I’m going to be working on this, it might as well be something that is in a form I could use in my ventures later.

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