Psychiatric Art

My boss IM’d me this link to this page of odd beauty, an old magazine ad for Thorazine. Browsing around, I discovered that this is a page on the Museum of Psychiatric Art. Come experience visions of paranoia, schizophrenia and social anxiety! See the disturbing pictures of the 60’s give way to the soft-focus and vague platitudes of the 90’s!

My boss claims that there was no specific message encoded in this transmission to me. Can I trust him? Can I trust anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Psychiatric Art”

  1. On our first date, V and I went to a student theatre production and then to the birthday party of one of the stage crew. The party was complete with intoxicants, music, dancing, new kittens, and birthday cake. One thing passed around were paper party favors with interesting sayings on them. The one that V and I got said “Trust No One”, which we thought was pretty ominous for a first date. We still have that stashed away…

  2. That’s funny. And she married you anyway?

    For a long time, I tended to keep the fortunes from the cookies, because every one I got was positive about me. Things like “People love you” and “You are great” type messages. I still remember the fortune I got at my Intel going away lunch – “Dissatisfaction is the first step of progress for men and nations.”

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