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Mitch Wagner posts about PR people on his blog. Maybe I was unusually lucky when I was doing Reality Break, but the PR people I talked to in the SF field were almost entirely sharp, interested people. I know they are different from the general PR for pay types. I got to deal with people like Natalie Farsi, Ellie Lang, and Andy Heidel – smart folks who cared about what they were doing. In fact, with people I knew and dealt with, I could land some interviews with a 30 second phone call. That’s how Robert Jordan went – “I’d like to interview him.” “OK. He’ll be in town Thursday, staying at the Westin. Have at it.” I always liked that. Really and truly, the non-sexy work of being the producer appealed to me as much as the (relatively) sexy work of doing the interviews. I believe that if I were producing the show for someone else, I’d be having the time of my life. I enjoyed the attempt to become the E.E. “Doc” Smith super-competent Kimball Kinnison type of producer, and when I was really clicking I approached that. Does someone need a part-time producer for their radio show? I’m available.

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  1. I believe you are correct. Most or all of the SF PR people were already Of the Tribe, and this was more than just a paycheck gig for them.

    I’m trying to get rolling on the trackbacks. I’ve had the infrastructure for a while now, but I didn’t understand it enough to use it. I’m getting a little more confident now.

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