My friend who reads this blog via RSS in Pakistan, drop me an e-mail and tell me who you are! I did all the below solely for you.

I found that my Apache redirection didn’t do exactly what I thought it did. On the old domain I was redirecting via the RedirectMatch in my .htaccess file as so:
RedirectMatch ^/cgi-bin/blosxom\.cgi(.*)$$1
I thought that this would include the entirety of the query string in the regular expression, so that my redirected url would include the query. Turns out that only works on the actual file, not the query string. I noticed that the lookup to the old url with the query “flav=rss” was going to the standard front page of the new url, not the RSS version. So, I turned off the redirection in the .htaccess file, and replaced blosxom.cgi with a file that only reads the flavour and the path_info(). Depending on those, it does the redirection to the new page. The things I won’t do for loyal readers!

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