I Want my Trackbacks!

Adam Curry is talking about how much he likes trackbacks now that they are in Radio. I have tried and tried to figure them out, and while simple I still remain confused about exactly what the information flow is. This is kind of frustrating and embarassing, considering that this is the kind of crap I do for a living. What gets me is the ping. I generate the ping, right? And something on Adam Curry’s site is receiving the communication, and then adding it to his blog. So am I tracking him or is he tracking me or both? I downloaded the Ping flavour for blosxom and while it looks straightforward enough, it is bouncing off of a form handling cgi at brutalhugs.com. Why is that? What does that do for the process?

I used to think that when something like this was not understandable by me, that I must be dumb or confused. Now I’ve hit the point where I am self-confident enough of my abilities to think that if despite my good faith efforts to understand I can’t, maybe the problem isn’t me. If someone can explain this to me in a few sentences (if it is explainable thusly) I sure would appreciate. Meanwhile, I’ll install the ping flavour and see if I can trackback ping Brother Curry (a man I grew up watching on TV). One more question – how does this get access controlled? What do I do to prevent people from generating spurious trackbacks?

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3 thoughts on “I Want my Trackbacks!”

  1. OK, so it worked and Adam Curry just wroteback on my blog! Holy shit, that is so cool. I wish I could beam this back in time to my teenage self in 1985.

    I still don’t see it on his page and am only slightly less confused. I shall take this as an article of my faith that it all works, like a Catholic mystery.

  2. My chronology is screwed up. Adam didn’t start at MTV until 1987. My shaky memory recalled him there early, in the Gang of Four days but I’m wrong about that. By the time he joined the crew, I was already in college. When did they have the purge that ousted the original VJs? Did Adam overlap with Martha Quinn and Mark Goodman?

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