Was my Ping Pung?

I tried to send a trackback ping from the previous post to Brother Curry’s blog. Although I got a thing that said “Ping successful” I don’t actually see anything that lets me know that for sure. Now I’m feeling self-conscious, like when you leave a bad answering machine message. “Oh shit, what if he follows the link? Quick, must make some really good post. Mention local bands you want him to hear about! And change this ugly CSS!” Oh well, the die is cast.

I see under his post that it says “trackback [2]” but if I follow that, it goes nowhere. That’s the URL for the ping, right? How do you see the trackbacks? Jesus Christ, why is this all so confusing? Anyone that can explain this or give me a pointer, please leave me a quick writeback comment. I will really really appreciate it.

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