Wireless Net at PGE Park creates sparks

In Portland, free wifi at PGE stadium is causing a controversy. As I read the story, they are upset about the press release, not the wifi. Can you really regulate radio signals to keep them out of your facility? Of course not. If I have a free access point next to a Starbucks that is trying to charge for it, can anyone be pissed at me?

BTW, I used to go to this park when I lived there. They were the Portland Rockies back then, and we’d get the mini-season tickets. I like it when stadia are right in the downtown area. Turner Field is close, but I like this. Wrigley is the way to go. I think the SF Giants made a step up when they moved from Candlestick to Pac Bell park. It’s just cool having it right there, rather than a 20 mile shlep from the city.

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