Blosxom Plugins

I’ve been playing with the blosxom plugins I wrote and/or modified. I guess it is about time to actually release some of them to other people. First, I’ll do the simplest one, the one that adds a title to the page header based on the very newest post title. I want to release my clicktrackMinus, but I think the cookie handling needs a little more testing. After I’m done with these, I think I’m going to implement a plugin that will use the Technorati API. I see a dude created a Perl module that implements the API but I’m probably not going to use it. I don’t want to require people to install a module, considering that many blosxom users probably are on a hosted system and don’t have easy access to that. Instead, I’ll just more or less duplicate what he’s done. Since it doesn’t have to be as general, it should be allright.

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