Music calms the Savage Breast

As an experiment, I took every song that I had ripped from my CDs at work via RealJukebox, threw them all in a Winamp playlist, randomized it and listened to every one of them. It took five weeks. I left it pretty much as it was shuffled up by Winamp, but I would run 100 songs or so ahead and try to make it such that the same artist didn’t have consecutive plays. It was fun, it was good, and very democratic and all. However, not all songs are created equal so I went back and have treated myself with a cherry-picked list of just the stuff I most want to hear at this very moment. That’s songs like Zevon’s “Hula Hula Boys” and “Lawyers, Guns, and Money”, Johnny Cash’s covers of “Personal Jesus” and “Hurt” and so on. I liked the effect of having a 30 minute electric early 70’s Miles Davis song between the Beatles and Rob Zombie. Today, however, is rock out day!

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