Aggregation and accretion

Here’s what I like about Feed on Feeds – no matter what newsreader or aggregator or mail client I use, generally I will run behind more than I run ahead. When I was using nntp//rss, that mean that I ordered the groups (ie, blogs) and the ones at the top got read more often than the ones at the bottom. With Feed on Feeds, every time it checks for new blogs, it interleaves them. I can get the same view as above by looking at the control panel view, but if I look at “new entries”, I see all the new ones, in the order they were downloaded. That means the stuff from my 9 PM run will always be higher then the 6 PM run, etc. I also like that I can control exactly when the runs occur. nntp//rss decided that for me that the least it could do was every two hours. Since the FOF downloads are controlled by me on a cron job, I have decided to get them every 3 hours from 6 AM to 9 PM, then take the next 9 hours off. No sense downloading them all night when I couldn’t see them anyway. Since FOF doesn’t correctly cache in the version I have, it downloads them all every time. Might as well not do that if it does me no good.

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