Another Bad Day

This day has just sucked. The thesis preparations continue, and they Are Not Fun but they are almost over. I can’t do anything directly to help, so I’ve been proofreading, cooking, doing laundry and trying to keep obstacles away so that the thesis can be finished. Work kind of sucked, and I was on the verge of losing my temper at a co-worker who seems hard of listening. We have a problem, I have explained what it is and why it is a problem multiple times in the last few days and we seem to have the same conversation every day. And then, something happened to the hosted box that I am too embarassed to admit publicly, but it was my fault, it sucked, and I’ve been cleaning up after it off and on since early this afternoon. This is a day to be glad it has finished and then burn this page from the day calendar. I’ll forget it ever happened if you will.

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