Three Column CSS

This conversation on Electrolite led me to experiment with doing the three column layout here entirely in CSS. There were some pointers to references for doing that and I gave it a stab (in a testing flavour, so as not to screwup the main page here – god bless blosxom!) I’m having limited success. The first issue is that you have to tell each of the three columns how many pixels down to start. Oy vey – back to this crap. That’s what I like about using tables to enforce layouts – not knowing or caring how many pixels things are from other things. I’m using this example to try and set up the CSS. Currently, though, all three columns are not lined up vertically, they overlap, my banner runs into the columns. I’m taking it on faith that ultimately this might be better, but early exit polls suggest this to be a huge pain in the ass.

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