Mac Talk show in Spanish

I’ve seen this posted on a few Macintosh sites now. There is an MP3 “talk radio” show about the Macintosh in Spanish. It seems to originate from Argentina as best I can tell. This is perfect for me with my desire to learn Spanish. In fact, the poster (who is anonymous on all the sites I see) says the same thing:

Is intended for mac audience who speaks in spanish and can’t listen to other mac shows on the net do to language barriers, and is great for people who loves mac and is learning spanish, because is a great way to practice listening while hearing great news from that thing that we love… Apple Macintosh!

I don’t like how they have the object tag in their HTML which automatically loads up an embedded MP3 player (and immediately starts downloading it.) I’d rather have another link for that myself. As it is, I downloaded the actual MP3 file with wget and will listen to it offline anyway.

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