Bill O’Reilly, Tool of Tools

On her weblog, Kathryn Cramer points to this column by Bill O’Reilly, sloppy journalist as well as a flat out liar about what journalism awards he has won.
Here’s one doozy from his column:

The accusation that FOX is a conservative network is pure propaganda as poll after poll has demonstrated that FNC’s audience is across the board ideologically and demographically. The latest survey taken by Mediamark Research finds that more ultra-conservative viewers watch CNN than FNC.

So, the methodology to determine whether a media organization is skewed politically is by the makeup of the viewership? Hmm, that’s interesting because very next paragraph he says:

But facts don’t matter to the FOX haters who are, themselves, primarily ultra-liberal. The dominance of FNC in the cable news world has shattered the stranglehold the left had on TV news for decades, and that has caused fear and loathing in some political circles. Using liberal-leaning newspapers and publishing houses, the critics of FNC have unleashed defamatory personal attacks on me and other FOX news analysts and have attempted to denigrate the entire network. If FOX News crashed and burned tomorrow, these people would toast marshmallows in the flames.

Fox is not a conservative network, because liberals also watch it. However, all TV news for decades has been liberal because, umm, no conservatives watched it? This guy cannot even maintain logical consistency across two paragraphs. I think he’s flattering himself and his network highly by thinking that there is a jihad against them. I personally think of Fox News the way I think of a bad odor in my car. It’s not my life’s mission to get rid of it, but I’m going to try to avoid letting that smell ruin my day. Note too that O’Reilly makes his classic very-broad-and-groundless-assertion-treated-as-fact with the statement “But facts don’t matter to the FOX haters who are, themselves, primarily ultra-liberal.” How does he know this? Ultra-liberals don’t care about the facts, they just want that fine fair and balanced news organization in flames, so they can roast marshmallows. Right. This really is a column to read, particularly when he begins foaming at the mouth and comparing Al Franken to the Watergate burglars. This is the first time I’ve enjoyed Bill O’Reilly’s work in a very long time.

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