More Moving

The terror and near panic I felt about the move yesterday have faded, to be replaced by the baseline feeling that I usually have about most things – that I’m in slightly over my head. Now the strangest things are occupying my thoughts. The Linux box in my office is at the center of my e-mail world. It fetches mails from all my accounts, I ssh to it to read it when I am remote, etc. The thought of unplugging it and putting it on a truck Tuesday has thrown me in a tizzy. What shall I do? Do I set up an account on my RackShack box and then change my DynDNS to point to that? All my spam fighting stuff in on that box – do I have to face the world with the spam back? This is one of the lesser concerns of the day, but it is eating at me.

As much as I want this move, I made a huge tactical mistake in setting it up for us to do some of the packing. It could be so different – I could be focusing on stupid things like the computers if we weren’t having to box things up. The amount of money we’re saving this way, I now would gladly spend to have it be different. However, when the movers show up first thing on Monday AM, there is no way to change what was set in motion on Friday. Chalk this up to my ongoing ability to achieve very difficult things and yet fuck up simple things.

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