Mama I’m moving out (and in)

I’m now in Evanston with our stuff. After a hellacious drive yesterday, I got here around 11 AM CDT. I left atlanta at 4:30 PM EDT, and got as far as Lafayette, IN before I gave out. The good thing about that is that I only had a little over 2 hours to get the rest of the way after I started driving this morning. The movers are here now, and slowly this place is transforming from an empty shell to something that resembles our home. In this house, the whole downstairs is my domain and there is plenty of room to have my office, all my books, my toys and my comics. I love it! I’m going to set the desk up so that I can look out this great bank of windows onto the backyard. For the first time in 6 years, I have a space where basically all my comic books can be roughly accessible at the same time. There’s a little nook off of my office where I can stack them 3 high, so at most I have to move 2 boxes to get to anything. That’s a giant leap up from having them in a 4X4X5 foot storage space where I owned them but required an hours effort to get to anything.

The above was pasted in from my laptop. It’s now several hours later. The movers are long gone, all our stuff is actually in the house but in that freshly off the truck complete disarray. I treated myself to a little time wandering in downtown Evanston tonight to unwind. I ate a big Polish dog for dinner, the kind of thing I think of as a Chicago dish. I tried to get online via the pay wifi at a cybercafe but it never did work right. Instead I just had a latte, watched a little of the Cubs game and left. I happened by a record store that was open, and I bought myself a present, the movie soundrack to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I’m listening to it now, man are those songs good. With any luck I can find sheets and go to bed soon. I’m happy in that exhausted but satisfied way.

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